New start page for our internal platform

Welcome to the new start page for our BTCure internal platform. In this area, we will post short updates from the internal platform and also other internal news. If you still do not have a login for the platform, please contact

One of the first things I want to highlight is that you now can find application forms for travel exchange support and Workshop support in the workplace WP10 – management.

Academic requests to EFPIA

In the last Work Management Board meetings, we have discussed the possibility for academic groups to address the EFPIA partners with requests for collaborations on specific projects. Such requests will be posted here with a short summary of the project and information on who to contact.

Innovation site

There have also been discussions on creating an innovation site for the BTCure members with the possibility for nice prices for best innovation idea. Jens Gerwin from NovoNordisk is currently working on designing an appropriate model for this and this will also be posted here.